Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stuttering Treatments of the Past

In a 1992 article in the Journal of Fluency Disorders, Charles Van Riper told of how he and fellow graduate student Wendell Johnson served as experimental white rats at the University of Iowa during the early 1930s.

"Our brain waves were checked; needles were inserted into our tongues and the nervous impulses recorded on the smoked drum of a kymograph; we took various drugs - cocaine, hashish, mescaline to see how they would affect our speech."

Now there's some interesting research. Not the needles in the tongue part - the other stuff.


  1. I saw somewhere that LSD completely eliminates stuttering. Well, even if true this is certainly not very helpful :-). But if it indeed works for some stutterers maybe this will help to better understand the disorder. Interesting whether there will be volunteers for a study like this :-)

    A more general question is whether nowadays it is allowed to experiment with drugs that may be harmful. I mean, could a paper containing statements like the above one be accepted for publication in a renowned journal? If the study subjects are aware of the risks of using certain drugs, and have signed the corresponding documents, are they allowed to participate in the research study?

    1. LSD is not harmful to the human body but is (maybe) harmful to society - alcohol comes to mind. I had a light stutter and cured it - not just eliminate.

  2. Koki

    Research using psychoactive drugs has just begun again recently - I've seen a few mentions in the media. Back when there were no legal restrictions, there were few if any problems using psychoactives. When the drugs were made illegal, the problems started.

    Regarding LSD, all I can say is that if it does anything for stuttering, it didn't last for me.

  3. Hello Mark
    Do you know where the whole text can be find ? I'd be interested in translate it in french language